Paola needs a change of pace.

This bread is delicious.

I love the sound of rain falling.

This coffee tastes great.

Pontus is a very quiet neighbor.

Time is when stuff happens.

I repeated what he said, in the exact same way he said it.

I'm not a celebrity.

I think we need to change our plans.

He works in the planning section.

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It is neither good nor bad.

What will you be doing on vacation?

I shouldn't have run that red light.

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The question is not so much what it is as how it looks.


We're not waiting around.

Mr. Bennet's property consisted almost entirely in an estate of two thousand a year, which, unfortunately for his daughters, was entailed, in default of heirs male, on a distant relation.

Is everybody all right?

As soon as I get paid I will pay you back.

It's hard to persuade Jonathan.

He is likely to have a book and a cracker at his meals--and then forget to eat the cracker!

Josh wants you to be his date for the prom.

What's your favorite way to cook beans?

She's shorter than I am.

She has already cooked the meal.

We have to use every means to persuade him.


The little girl just kept crying.

Dylan is a telemarketer.

Leon asked us what we wanted.

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You don't get to quit.


Aimee heard Neville cry and wondered what the matter was.

We need to change direction.

Mickey rocks.

Those books are always in great demand.

David Beckham is a good footballer.

Yukiko is an innocent girl of tender years.

I can't go to work in these clothes.

I haven't made much progress.

Theodore is in danger of failing this class.

"From here, we can reach Alpha Centauri in 4 months," says Captain Draak.

We have a deal, right?

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Ramadoss got here an hour before Spike.

This joke is politically incorrect.

Sharon could barely contain her excitement.

I thought it might be useful.

He can play all the songs of the Beatles on the piano.

Yesterday, I was invited to dinner by him.

I've never seen Ernie drunk before.

Looks really nice.

We followed the deer's tracks.

Curtis lit the stove.

I'm sure Benjamin appreciates your concern.

There are gaps between the boards in the box. If you fit them in snugly, you'll get more use out of the box.

Are you ready for tonight?

I'm not going to answer that question.

We were gardening.

Lester's house has a solar roof.

What did you get him?


You know this song, don't you?

Thumbs up! You've got the job.

Margaret remained a bachelor until his death.

And that is all that will really matter!

I have never fallen in love with any girl.


I saw Laurel's birth certificate.


I knew it was just a misunderstanding.

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It's just a waste of time.

Kuldip put the folding chairs away.

Just stand there, please.


Financiers make good business only when the state is making it badly.

Who did you write a letter to?

The art of modern warfare does not necessarily require soldiers to be armed to the teeth to be effective as combatants.

I need those shoes.

We were all watching Stephan.

Sentences bring context to the words. Sentences have personalities. They can be funny, smart, silly, insightful, touching, hurtful.

People might think you're stupid if you do that.

This bomb can kill a lot of people.

Dwight is pregnant with her first child.

That's a tall order.

Australia is smaller than South America.

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It seems "My Neighbor Totoro" has a scary inside story.

I prefer to bath in the morning.

Do you want my honest opinion?

It appears that the children are enjoying the party.

I'm practically an adult.

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At this time, the victims' names aren't being released.


I didn't find her.

This is the letter written by Mr Brown.

We are soccer players.

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This is the first time I've ever wetted my hair.

Sid is listening to Amarth.

Victory, or death!


There's hardly anything left.

Sweet dreams!

Lavender is my favorite plant.

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Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

I'd like to see that movie.

Everyone knows that Jessie has a thing for you.


He's very fastidious when it comes to booking trips.

We can't leave until Doyle and Mohammad get here.

My husband usually leaves for work at 8 o'clock.

Sorry, I have other commitments.

Get an egg from the refrigerator.


I want her.

They have a lot of them in Switzerland.

When did you realize something was wrong?

If you're looking for constructive criticism, know that there's never a shortage of people eager to give their opinions.

The password is short.

King Darius was defeated by Alexander the Great.

I don't like standing around.

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I'm going to go feed the ducks.

He doesn't care about his health.

Winnie wouldn't have left without saying goodbye.

I have bruises all over my body.

This boy has a level of intelligence higher than the average.


Alejandro is your responsibility.

I've received the admission ticket for the exam, but I haven't decided yet if I will go. I haven't studied at all.

Every year, millions of people die of hunger in Africa.

That book is helping you write effectively.

Did you expect something else?

I keep thinking night and day about you.

Our friends were evacuated from their farm because of the bushfires in their area.

By the end of June, they were ready to vote.

GPS allows you to determine your location using satellites.

Put down your backpack.

That's not what I told her.

He made me sing.

That sick person's life is in danger.

Ben told me he was going to try it again.

When one would be filial, one's parents are gone.

His reading is of a wide range.

I didn't know how fast Huey was.


He only takes candid pictures, so he doesn't ask people to pose.

Is Santa Claus real?

It's definitely Sanjay.

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What's your favorite winter sport?

It's a good idea, but tell that to nature.

We'll catch up.

I thought Timo wouldn't give up.

Tharen was happy to hear Murthy's voice over the phone.


I just spent the weekend with my children.

May we use the language lab?

Erik opened the box.

She can jump high.

How cold is it?

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Jupiter is two and a half times as heavy as all the other planets in the Solar System put together.

I think twice before I smoke.

Everybody looked nervous.

In that place, they don't allow you to enter with shoes on.

The goat had been tethered to the fence.


I wonder who invented it.

What I need is a loan.

I'm thinking of going.

There's no tape in this camera.

I was never the likeliest candidate for this office.

Kent was devoted.

I want you to look for her.


The rescuers searched the surroundings in hopes of finding the child.

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My father spends a lot of time on his hobby.


He wants to become a cook in the future.


I'm going to have a heavy day.


There's only one way to live.


You should've taken the money.

The Turkish team performed well, making us all happy. However, it could not qualify for the final.

You're doing an excellent job.

I don't even own any tools.

Not one was left alive.

Carol didn't laugh at my joke.

Raif understood why Lin hated him.